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The Livejournal Jessica Alba Community
Community Rules
This community is for the sharing of Jessica Alba related material  ONLY. This is a news, discussion, icon and picture sharing forum. ALL posts must include something Jessica Alba related.Wallpapers and graphic art are welcome, as long as they meet the community guidelines.

Old pictures, new pictures, magazine scans, digital camera photos from premieres... it's all welcome here.NO posting of community, website or self promotions or any posts that are not Jessica Alba related. However, posts that link to posts in other LJ communities that are Jessica Alba related  are allowed.

This community is MEMBERS ONLY.

You must join the community to post or view the posts. All posts will default to "friends only" security when made to the community. If you want to join but do not want the posts to show on your friends page, then use the LJ filters functionality to "hide"this community. Thank you for your understanding.

If you post pictures then please post four thumbnails on the face of the post, and put all other thumbnails behind an lj-cut. If you do not know how to use an lj-cut, see
the FAQ post here.

NO sexually-explicit manipulations photos please.

ALL icon posts must have a minimum of THREE Jessica Alba icons in body of the post.

Recent Entries 
12th-Nov-2007 02:58 pm - Jessica and F4 avatars
Some avatars of Jess and Fantastic 4.


18th-Sep-2003 09:11 am - Members Only

albaholics Is your one stop community for Jessica Alba news, polls, trivia, movie chatter, movie news, contests and more. Your also invited to post your Jessica Alba related fan fiction, fan videos, user icons, banners and other graphics. Please abide by the rules of the community. However most of all have fun.

This community is now MEMBERS ONLY and that means you have to become a member to view the posts. If you just add the community as a friend you will not be able to see the posts, so become a member.

You can join the community here
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